Raiding For Novices

World of WarcraftWhen you are playing World of Warcraft there are many activities to do aside from leveling up. Players can farm gold, hone skills or even participate in a raid. For novice players a raid can be an adventure. Technically, going on a raid means running an instance with 10 to 20 other players. Players can also organize raids comprising of 5 people. It all depends on what you are after.

At the start of your WoW career, you will usually spend a lot of time questing alone or with small groups where you can pick up equipment, experience and normal gear. Once a player has reached a high level or the max, he can begin to explore the world of raids and PVP.

Many players in WoW participate in a 25-man raid. In this instance the goal of the raid is to kill various bosses in the World of Warcraft universe. Many changes in the game have resulted in hardmode which is the pinnacle of raiding. In many cases, the success of a 25-man raid depends on the dedication of the players as well as their teamwork with each other.

Players do not necessarily have to participate in a raid to have excellent gear and equipment in WoW. Great gear can be had by completing the daily badge quest or farming the 10-player raid version and going on an occasional 25-man raid. Gear obtained using this method is 1 tier below the best version available but considering the minimal effort players need to exert, it’s considered as not bad by many players.

Many guilds in WoW conduct a 25-man raid regularly. Many require commitment to the game before application to the guild is approved. For guilds that require extreme dedication it is necessary to ask yourself the following questions before applying:

  • Can I commit 2 nights per week for raiding?
  • Can I afford to pay 60g plus 40–80g for consumables per raid without compensation?
  • Is it OK if somebody else gets an item that I have been coveting for  some time now?
  • Can I balance solo questing and raiding?
  • Do I love my chosen class and role to take it to the next level?

As you can see raiding takes some serious commitment. The success of a raid depends on long term effort so it takes not only commitment and teamwork but patience and dedication as well. So before committing to a raid or joining a guild that likes to raid, make sure that you can commit to the guild and your chosen character till the end.

WoW Races To Try

World Of WarcraftThe World of Warcraft (WoW) is an online multiplayer game with millions of players from different countries around the world. WoW has many characters to choose from and this can be intimidating and confusing for the first time player who wishes to choose what kind of race to play with. The game is intensely fun and is a good way to make friends. If you’re in a bind what race to choose when playing WoW, here are some characters we recommend.

  • Darkspear Trolls in Stranglethorn Vale

According to the Warcraft census, 4% of the WoW accounts play this race. Before the Third War and The Burning Legion, Trolls ruled over Kalimdor. Trolls are powerful creatures. They can go Berserk. When this happens their speed can increase to as much as 30%. They can also regain lost health and have increased damage for thrown weapons and bows. Trolls can also regenerate lost limbs and heal injuries fast.

Only trolls of the Darkspear Tribe are playable in the game.

  • Dwarves in Dun Murrogh

Dwarves comprise 5% of overall WoW accounts being played. Players who play this can use the special race ability Stoneform which makes him immune to bleed, poison and disease. Armor defense also rises to as much as 8%. Players can also experience increased accuracy with their weapons and a +10 resistance to frost. As a plus, this race has the heightened ability to see treasure chests on their mini-maps. The warrior class is the most common among dwarves starting at 25 strength and 25 stamina.

  • Gnomes in Ironforge

Gnomes are said to be one of the weirdest races in the game as they are obsessed with gadgets and engineering. This race comprises 6% of WoW accounts played overall. Gnomes are short so their height advantage can be used to sneak up on less alert characters. Because they have a high intellect Gnomes have also more mana to cast spells with. Gnomes are also nimble and can jump twice their height. They are also escape artists which enable them to escape an enemy’s trap.

Reasons To Be A Warlock In World of Warcraft

world of warcraftThe MMORPG game World of Warcraft is one of the most popular games in the market today. It holds the Guiness World Record for being the most popular online game. Aside from  the huge community of players, one of the great things about this game is that there are many characters to choose from. You can be a blood elf, a druid, dwarf, draenei or be a warlock.

The warlock is a great character. It has both power and versatility. Being a warlock means having a huge array of spells and even curse other players. If you curse a player for example, they will be unable to hit you back or retaliate with a skill of their own. Here are some cool features of the warlock character on WoW:

  • “Sihpon Life” for quick recovery
  • Fear Spells for PVP
  • Effective damage over time spells
  • Can convert health to manna which can suck the life out of other players
  • The right pet can be used as a tank

In the game, warlocks are the masters of the demonic arts. Aside from spells and curses they can also fire bolts of fire or shadow. In the latest expansion, the Mists of Pandaria, the monk character received a massive overhaul which has enabled this character to wreak havoc and greater destruction. Other cool features include:

  • Soul Shard to enhance abilities
  • Can conjure Healthstones for superb healing abilities
  • Ritual of Summoning to summon another player to his location
  • Demonology – enhances pet damage
  • Can use demonic minions for more damage and provide utility

These are just some of the reasons to choose the warlock character in World of Warcraft. The character is very flexible, powerful and fun to play with. So if you don’t have a warlock in your stable of characters, try it out and have fun while dealing damage with this kind of character.

Why Is World of Warcraft Popular?

wowThe World Of Warcraft game is currently the most popular MMORPG game in the market today with approximately 10 million players worldwide. Many people are asking why WoW is so popular. What makes people want to play the game and what makes gamers stay and come back for more. Here are some reasons why WoW is so popular.

  • Fun game play.
  • Low computer system requirements.
  • Great Storyline
  • Blizzard has polished the game extensively.

WoW players have a very high level of user-control and over what their characters experience. They can choose to:

  • Play different server types (normal, PVP, RPG)
  • Language filters
  • Ignore list
  • Reporting System

These characteristics make World of Warcraft even more palatable for gamers. And most of all these features have been present since the first time the game has been released.

The World Of Warcraft is also very addicting to many gamers. It has a seamless interface, versatile talent system and good character progression. This makes WoW a pleasure to play regardless of your character’s level.

The social side of the game is also exceptional. There are many active guilds to choose from and this is a good way to make online friends. You can level up together or help other teammates level up. The guild can also take part in a boss hunt or a raid.

The game can be time consuming and there are many levels and quests to complete. WoW had very little bugs to begin with and if the game had any bugs they were able to fix it quickly. Overall, World of Warcraft is a well rounded game that enables players to go on an adventure while making new friends in one go.


World of Warcraft- Mists Of Pandaria New Monk Class

World of WarcraftThe latest expansion set of the World of Warcraft game – Mists of Pandaria – has been out for some time now. This expansion features a new monk class and Pandaren race. It has excited many WoW fans worldwide and the new expansion has helped boost the game’s popularity once again.

The new monk class can be played starting at level1. This means that this is not a hero class that becomes optional to gamers later on in the game. One of the most often discussed topic about the class is its build and specialization. The three monk specializationsare: Brewmaster, Mistweaver and Windwalker. This new character is a tank hybrid between a damage healer, healer and melee DPS.

There are basic monk abilities for each specialization in order to differentiate a monk character from another based on a player’s play style. Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick Healing Spear, Paralysis and Disable are basic monk skills. Monks have a wide array of abilities ranging from healing damage, debuffing, buffing and healing.

For players who love to be on the defense, the Brewmaster is ideal for these types of gamers. For example, a Brewmaster can use Avert Harm to protect himself. Other protective skills include Guard Gift of the Ox and Clash.

The Mistweaver is suitable for players who want a good balance between damage and making sure that the HP gauge is always above the danger zone. Aside from its healing abilities, capablitites such as Mana Tea and Mana Meditation are very useful for this build.

Finally the Windwalker is all about melee DPS. Just take a look at the skill names of this specialization: Fists of Fury, Flying Serpent Kick, Rising Sun Kick and Combat Conditioning. This build obviously packs a serious punch.